The following pictures were taken on Farncombe Estate by Pauline Thompson who was attending the Renaissance Voices weekend course back in May.
Fortunately for us this lady obviously has the same love for wildlife we do and has a very good eye for photography.



These deer were spotted beside Brook House among the wild flowers.

A very kind customer handed a blue tit chick to one of our members of the gardening team yesterday which had fallen from it’s nest.Fortunately we had been watching the nest for a little while so we knew where he had come from.

Initially he stayed outside where mum fed him a few times but after falling again, being unable to fly just yet, when I lifted him to the nest he went straight inside this time to join his siblings.


Nest is situated in wall by steps leading to Picton House

Frisky Foxes

Will not comment on the following pictures too much only to say that perhaps we are due some more cubs this year

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Bird Feeder

A great many birds have been taking advantage of the nuts, fat balls etc we have left out for them to help them through the winter. These are a couple of our regulars at the barnyard.

We are so pleased with these little visitors we are in the process of setting up a camera and live feed.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

We were rewarded with a bright, sunny day after a week of rain and high winds. This was obviously appreciated by all the animals on the estate as they were all out today. Some we got pictures of but others, like the kestrel by Brook house and the tree creeper by the control room were more elusive.

After failing to get a picture of the afore mentioned Kestrel we were heading back to the car when we noticed a wonderful, large, red fox in the car park. He stood there while many of the weekend delegates were crossing the road headed for Smallbrook.

Below are some pictures of the deer on the field above Picton House and a Robin who we saw just outside the control room on our way home.